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Factors and Symptoms That Lead To Gum Surgery

There are many factors that lead to gum surgery. Such include gum diseases e.g. gingivitis, periodontitis and a number of risk factors that stimulate the gum problems. Check out my list below to discover what it is you should be watching out for is you want to keep off gum diseases.


People suffering from diabetes tend to develop gum problems frequently. This is because they often have a lower immune system compared to normal people. With that said, diabetic people should always make sure they maintain an oral hygiene and have frequent dental checkups. Your dentist should be one of your allies here.


What good comes from smoking? I guess none. Well, here is yet another effect. Smoking is considered one of the major reasons contributing gum disease development. Smokers usually have more hardened form of plague than non smokers.This usually leads to decreased saliva and hence increased chances of getting gum disease. Smoking also is a menace in gum surgeries themselves. Smoking leads to low blood flow in the gums. As a result, smokers who happen to undergo gum surgeries will take long to cure their wounds.


Some medications cause reduced flow of saliva in the mouth. Saliva is important as it fights gum diseases. That’s why dentists will always recommend teeth brushing before you go to bed. Your mouth gets dry at night and the defensive systems in the saliva are no more. It is during such times that gum diseases find it easy to come along. Other medications will cause uncontrolled and abnormal growth of gum tissues. This always makes it difficult to maintain an oral hygiene.


Gene variations may increase the chances of gum diseases. The rate of dental carries is influenced by individual gene variations. Some individuals may be at a greater risk of developing the gum problems than others. Nature dictates that, not me.

Chronic diseases and their treatment

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy may facilitate gum diseases in that it may deteriorate gum health. HIV/AIDS medications can lead to gum problems. Affected victims here need to visit their dentists regularly for dental checkups.

Hormonal changes

Changes in hormones increases gum sensitivity. Hormones affects the amount of blood being supplied to the gum and also how the body reacts to plaque attack. The main stages where hormonal changes increase chances of gum disease attack include during menopause, pregnancy, menstrual periods and use of birth control pills.

Signs and symptoms

Certain symptoms may appear which indicate gum disease development. Loose teeth, swollen and red gums, persistent bad breath, experiencing pain during chewing, longer teeth and teeth sensitivity indicate gum disease issues.

Assuming such symptoms means that you let the damage intensify probably necessitating gum surgeries later on. Joking around with gum diseases can lead to fatal situations including heart attack.

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